“This is my response whenever someone tries comparing vaccines to car seats:

If car seats had warnings about causing my child encephalitis, anaphylactic shock, SIDS, febrile seizures, etc., I wouldn't use them.

If my doctor told me to use the same car seats for newborns, toddlers, older children and adults, regardless of size or medical status, I would remember we don't treat other products or medications as one-size-fits-all and I wouldn't try to put an infant into a seat too large for an adult.

If my doctor said the exact compilation of harnesses, the direction the car seat is facing, and the type of car it fits into, all make the car seat not only safe and effective but necessary to prevent death, and then I found out they've NEVER been studied together, and the manufacturers had no liability, I would question the knowledge and loyalties of my doctor and not follow the recommendation.

If I asked for more information on the car seats and I found out my doctor gave me two pages that said the car seat worked great, but failed to give me the full data sheets that showed the car seats were actually quite dangerous, haven't been studied in babies, and have contraindications in many of the groups doctors use them in, I would at the very least find a new doctor.

If I knew the U.S. Supreme Court deemed car seats 'unavoidably unsafe' I would wonder why they aren't making car seat manufacturers accountable for injuries and death, and I certainly wouldn't make usage mandatory.

If I knew car seat manufacturer whistleblowers had come forward to expose data manipulation that implicated the manufacturers and the government agencies that recommended them, I wouldn't use them and I'd call for a federal investigation rather than allowing the complicit parties to 'investigate' themselves.

If car seat ads accounted for 85% of mainstream medias' ad revenue, I would understand that they can't be impartial with their reporting and I wouldn't blindly trust their recommendations.

If car seat manufacturers continually paid out billions in civil and criminal fines for manipulating safety data, injuring and killing people with their products yet the products were not recalled, I wouldn't use them.

If car seat manufacturers used aborted babies in their manufacturing process, I wouldn't use them.

If car seats caused the accidents they were meant to protect against, I wouldn't use them.

If my child had a worsening reaction and decline in health every time I put them in a car seat, I wouldn't use them.

If my doctor got paid $400 more every time I used a car seat, couldn't tell me anything about the car seat, and saw these negative reactions following their car seat exposure, but said it was just a coincidence, I wouldn't use them and I'd get a new doctor.

If our car seats used ingredients and schedules that were banned in other safer/healthier countries, I wouldn't use them.

If I knew that my child would seem fine at first, but that car seats caused infertility, cancer, mutagenesis, neurological damage and autoimmune diseases, I wouldn't use them.

If people who didn't use car seats were consistently healthier, I would at least do my own research.

If we weren't allowed to do golden standard tests for car seat safety or ask ANY questions about them, had any dessenting views censored, but were forced to use them, I would think maybe I should actually do some research instead of blindly accepting the research of the companies profiting from products and not facing liability when they do injure or kill.

You can bundle the healthiest ingredients and best intentions, wrap them in poison and they're still just poison. Make an extremely profitable product liability-free, and there is no incentive to make sure they are safe or effective.

Don't exchange liberty for a fallacious sense of security, especially at the expense of our children."

Words from~Kristi Miller👏🏻👏🏻❤